money over ip moip
What is Moip network?

Moip network is a simple web service that will provide a way to send funds to email from Ethereum block chain or any other Fork network without the need of requiring a wallet or any sort of registration at the receiver Side.

How will it work?

First the sender needs some sort of web3 wallet like metamsk, Then It fills the receiver email address, amount and type of token to send. And then the backend will create a new wallet for the Receive, Send with all necessary details to the Receiver's email With the most secure manner. Then it's up to the Receiver that either transfer them to new wallet, Or confirm them with current one.

Can I register with custom address and email as receiver?

Moip network in its 1st or 2nd update will provide this feature To register yourself with your desired wallet Address to your email with respect to your privacy.

When it is coming?

It's coming sooner.

If you have any other questions then feel free to ask on telegram